As the 2022/23 season draws close, fans, pundits, and neutral football fans are eager to witness the competition between these two news signings in the Premier League. The Premier League has witnessed great rivalries in the past but this season is going to be an epic showdown with these exciting youngsters who were out there making life difficult for defenders and goalkeepers in their former clubs. 

Darwin who scored 34 goals for Benfica while his team averaged 15.3 shots per game and Haaland –  29 goals with team average shots of 13.8 – are going to be threats in and around the 18-yard box in their new team. Statistically, in the last season, there’s not much difference between their qualities though Nunez attained a whole new level of footballing abilities. He showed magnificent movement and power and since moving, Portugal and Liverpool fans are hoping he will replicate that too in the Premier League.


We all know that Haaland has been showing these qualities throughout his career, he’s a natural scorer with the strength to bully defenses. He has the pace and power to make life very difficult for defenders and he’s one of the top talents in the world, even some top European giants were interested in signing this exciting star before Man City sealed the deal.

Looking at City and Liverpool last season, these two clubs averaged 18.9 and 19.1 shots, respectively, per game last season, and now they have these two poachers in their ranks, this is going to be a very exciting season. 

Haaland is expected to start every match because of the likes of Gabriel Jesus and Sterling leaving for Arsenal and Chelsea respectively but Darwin has Jota and Firmino to battle with for the starting 11 so it might be quite a great challenge for him. He has to prove that he is good enough to start regularly, and that’s not going to be an easy battle for Nunez.



Goals! Goals and some more goals! This is what the fans are looking for. This will be the biggest judgment for these two players because this is the currency they deal in. They are expected to score, it’s their job to be scoring goals but we also must not ignore the fact that this is the EPL, it takes some level of ability to be able to adapt quickly, and not so many players coming from outside the league have been able to do so.

City face Liverpool in the Community Shield before EPL kicks off thus meaning that we are likely to witness these two players clash for the first time in England. We all know the prowess of City and Liverpool on attack and the fans expect these two strikers to be hitting the back of the nets after their clubs paid a lot of money to recruit them.

They are surrounded by creators in the midfield to feed them in and outside the box and they just have to make good use of their chances and hit it home. The chances will be in abundance for both players because they will be benefiting from a greater percentage of shots per game than their previous clubs, so they will be looking to improve their impressive goals per game ratios.

For many of us, though, we are happy to sit back and enjoy what promises to be a red-hot contest for Premier League supremacy.