The Euro semi-final promises a thrilling encounter between Spain and France, with a place in the final at stake. This clash will see a captivating midfield battle between the unstoppable of Spain, Rodri and the immovable of France, N’Golo Kanté.

Rodri has been a very great and valuable player in the Spanish squad. His introduction has to a great extent been a very smooth passage from Sergio Busquet to Rodri who has so far maintained the status quo in the level of performance. He has remained undefeated in 465days for the Spanish team. His impressive form with Manchester City, culminating in their FA Cup final defeat to Manchester United, raises questions about his ability to maintain this level against France. The upcoming match against France, a team they lost to in the Nations League, will be a crucial test. All eyes will be on him as he faces a formidable opponent in N’Golo Kanté, who boasts a similar record of success with France.



N’golo Kante at 33years has continued to put up the same energetic performance that is characteristic of him. While some argue that Argentina’s World Cup triumph might have been different with his presence, Kanté’s record with France speaks for itself. He boasts an incredible 20-game unbeaten streak in major tournaments, a testament to his consistent excellence. His role as the engine room of the French midfield, alongside Paul Pogba was crucial in their 2018 World Cup victory and continues to be a vital component of their success. The semi-final clash against Spain will be a true test of Kanté’s mettle. Can he maintain his impressive form and continue his unbeaten streak against a formidable Spanish side? The answer will determine if he can stand tall after the match.



However, in this match, it is either the unstoppable is stopped or the unmovable is moved as one of them must lose the match as there is no middle ground in this meeting. Let us watch out and see who stands the test of time as this encounter is at hand.